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Home Life - A Conference aimed at practitioners working with children and families

Home Life

‘A conference aimed at practitioners working with children and families’

Monday 18th of March 2019

9:00 (for 9:30 start) until 3:30

The Orbit Centre, Rhydycar Lesiure Park, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1DL

This conference aimed at improving the home lives of children and their families through an increased understanding and experience of play. The conference will focus on ways in which we might create the conditions for more playful parenting and identify ways of better supporting parents to improve opportunities for playing.

We have all played and as such we know that in some way it contributed significantly to make us the people we are today. Playing helped us consolidate that which we were taught, play helped compliment that which we were developing, play exposed us to new experiences and was the way we worked through ones we found difficult. Play was the way we built attachments with people and places. Most significantly, through playing, we developed social and emotional intelligence, self-regulation, engaged cognitively and creatively with the world around us and it was fun, motivating and rewarding.

This conference will explore attitudes and approaches to childhood, consider issues around child development and explore notions of play, its role and function. We will identify some of the competing demands and issues that negatively impact on the conditions that could support a more playful home life and ways in which those demands might be re-balanced.

In February 2013 United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child published General Comment 17 clarifying the right children have to play, what is meant by the term play and demonstrating the complexities and both immediate and longer term benefits of play. Most worryingly, it presented a comprehensive discussion of a range of competing demands negatively influencing how play is viewed, provided and in turn experienced by children. In July 2014 the Welsh Government introduced a statutory duty on local authorities to secure sufficient play opportunities for children living in their areas. This duty is concerned with increasing and protecting the time, space and permission children have to play throughout all aspects of their lives. As such it is of significant importance that the home, where children spend the most significant amount of their daily lives and those that support home and family life are appreciative of the nature and benefits of play and are capable of creating the conditions to support it.

Conference is free to attend funded by the All Wales Play Opportunities Grant

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