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Play Sufficiency Assessment

The Welsh Government places great value on play and its importance in the lives of children in our society. Children have a fundamental right to be able to play, and that play is central to their enjoyment of life and can contribute to their well being. Play is essential for the growth in children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. There is much evidence to support this belief and an increasing understanding of play’s contribution not only to children’s lives, but also to the well being of their families and the wider community.

The Welsh Government is now placing a duty on Local Authorities to assess for and with regard to that assessment, secure sufficient play opportunities for children in their areas, so far as is reasonably practicable.

For play opportunities to meet the requirements of children it is essential that they are consulted on what they want from play and leisure activities therefore, the Local Authority will be carrying out consultations with children, parents and families and local communities when undertaking the Play Sufficiency Assessment.


Play Sufficiency Assessment 2013

Play Sufficiency in Wales - Play Wales


Play Wales Publications 

Participation and consulting with children - This information sheet explores participation and consulting with children in the playwork context. It also aims to consider why and how we can consult with children in a meaningful way without unnecessarily interrupting their time and freedom to play


Promoting physical activity through outdoor play in early years settings  - This information sheet explores how playing contributes to children’s physical activity levels and how early years practitioners can provide permission, time and space, as well as making materials available, for children to play outdoors. It also provides practical advice on thinking sensibly about health and safety


Why make time for play? - This information sheet provides support for play providers to advocate for staffed play provision. It shows why playing is so important and explores the benefits of staffed play provision for children and the wider community.


Playwork: What's so special? - This information sheet provides an overview of what is unique about playwork and the role of the playworker. It describes how playworkers’ work relates to the Playwork Principles in terms of facilitating children’s play and the impact of playworkers and their intervention on children’s play and the play space. It also provides a checklist for facilitating a compensatory play space.


Let us out of the bubble wrap - Children need and want to create challenge and uncertainty as part of their play. Remember jumping off higher and higher steps? Swinging round with a friend until you fell over? Climbing trees? Balancing along high walls? Play fighting? Tips on how adults can support children's need for risky play.


Top tips - make time for play - When asked what is important to them, children tell us that playing outside and being with their friends is one of the most important aspects of their lives. Play Wales is advocating a low cost approach to making the most of children’s free time – give them time to play. We have pulled together our top tips for making time for children to play.


10 top tips for fundraising - Top tips for fundraising to support play projects. The tips are drawn from Professor Brown’s booklet The Venture: A Case Study of an Adventure Playground (Play Wales, 2007).


Top tips for empty classroom day - Empty Classroom Day is a day for children everywhere to enjoy learning and playing outside the classroom. On Friday 17 June 2016 schools pledged to spend at least one lesson in the day outside and Play Wales encouraged schools to commit the day to play. We have put together our top tips for a playful Empty Classroom Day. 

Play and Digital Technology - This information sheet takes a critical look at children and young people's use of mobile phones and other mobile devices, focusing on play.  It also examines how children use devices in their play, as well as different perspectives and suggestions to support those working with children. 

Play, Playwork and Food - This information sheet explores the current health agenda, play and health, and how food can be provided in a playwork setting as well as attitudes towards food.




 Playing and Hanging Out

Tool Kit 2016 - Developing and Managing Play Spaces 

Playday Website -

Schools Toolkit - Updated  

Every Child Website - New Aug 2017


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