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Prevent and Channel in Cwm Taf

 Prevent & Channel in Cwm Taf

Everyone has a role in helping to prevent people from being radicalised or drawn into terrorism.

You can do this by checking any concerns you have


If you:

  • NOTICE a significant change in behaviour and use of language of someone expressing extreme political views
  • CHECK—don’t ignore your concerns, check with your manager or colleagues in confidence, and if needed.
  • SHARE—if you still have concerns, in the first instance contact Claire Blackmore, PREVENT Co-Ordinator for Merthyr Tydfil CBC. Call 01685 725494 or e-mail For any concerns out of office hours please contact or call 999.

If appropriate, your concern will be shared with the PREVENT team at South Wales Police .

If we share our concerns, together we can protect people who are at risk of Radicalisation or Exploitation.

What is PREVENT?

Prevent is the Government’s strategy to stop people becoming radicalised and supporting terrorism, in all its forms.

What is Channel?

Channel is multi-agency approach, designed to support individuals vulnerable to being drawn into violent extremism or supporting terrorism.

Prevent of Radicalisation Training  

There is a free e-learning module ‘Prevent of Radicalisation Training’ available to all Early Years and Childcare Practitioners.  This e-learning module can be completed in isolation, or as a supplement to the classroom sessions that were delivered. Please could you encourage staff to take up this opportunity. 

If you have staff who would like to access the e-learning module, please email Claire Blackmore on  Claire would require an email address for each member of staff in order for licenses and passwords etc. to be set up.


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